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We produce pressure and non-pressure stainless steel tanks for the brewing, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our main production activities are the design and manufacture of technological units of the brewery. We produce stainless steel beer tanks, CIP stations, bright beer tanks, breweries and beer production technologies.

fermentation tanks, cylindrical conical tanks, breweries, KEG washing machines, bottle beer fillers, stainless steel tanks, bright beer tanks, CIP stations, stainless steel steam generators

Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank - CCT


cylindrical conical tank

Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank CCT is stainless steel (AISI 304 – 1.4301) vessel mostly used for main fermentation of the beer or other beverages. This type of tank can be used also for maturation, lagering or as a serving tank – bright beer tank. With design of 3.0 Bar pressure man can call this tank also „universal tank“, tank for all beer production processes.


Product description:

Tank is manufactured containing standardized dimensions and accessories, or according to individual customer requirements. Standardly it is equipped with two separate cooling zones – duplicators, outside jacket and PUR isolation. All stainless steel and pressure vessels from our production have PED certification and follow all EU standards. Range of our production is from 100 liters up to 20 000 liters vessels.


Technical specification: 

Cylindrical-conical tank

Standard parameters

Net volume /HL/


Total volume /HL/


Total volume of glycol in duplicators  /L/


External diameter /mm/

( B )

Internal diameter /mm/


Total height /mm/

( A )

Height of internal cylindrical part  /mm/


Weight of empty vessel /kg/


Weight of loaded vessel /kg/



Stainless steel AISI 304 / 1.4301


PUR 70 mm

Angle of the conical part


Max. working pressure in the tank

3,0 bar

Max. working pressure in duplicators

1,0 bar





Legs - adjustable

3  pcs

Glycol cooling zones

2  pc (1pc in Conical & 1pc in Cylindrical part)

Sanitation arm / shower

DN 32 DIN 11 851 / 1 pc

Inlet / Outlet for yeast

DN 32  DIN 11 851  / 1 pc

Inlet / Outlet for beer

DN 32  DIN 11 851 / 1 pc

Spray ball - removable

Rotation / 1 pc


1 pc on the top

Over / Under pressure safety valve

1pc on the top, max. pressure 3,0 bar

Sample valve

1 pc

Temperature sensor

2  pc (1pc in Conical & 1pc in Cylindrical part)

Pressure regulator with manometer

1 pc

Surface inside the vessel

Ra ≤ 0,8




Tank can be equipped with an extra accessory:

 - level indicator with scale,
 - manhole on the side / jacket,
 - extra inlet DN 100/200 for dry hopping,
 - carbonization candle,
 - mirror polished surface inside the tank (Ra ≤ 0,4).


Our company supply stainless steel vessels to all Europe countries with maximal customer satisfaction and all necessary certification (CE / PED). Transport of the tanks is provided horizontally on a wooden pallet to avoid problems with large dimensions and safety during transport.

cylindrical-conical tank transport


Price on request.

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