Vyrábíme tlakové i beztlakové nerezové nádoby. Naší hlavní výrobní činností jsou návrhy a výroba nerezových celků především do pivovarnického, ale také farmaceutického a potravinářského průmyslu.

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We adapt to even the most demanding conditions

23. 10. 2020

Sometimes we struggle with even more demanding challenges for the installation of the necessary technology for our customers. Of this, we quite often encounter spaces where we are largely 

we adapt to even the most demanding conditionslimited by the possibilities, and therefore forced to solve the production and subsequent installation flexibly.

One such project was a "small" water tank in the Greif brewery in Germany, but it was all the more difficult to cram it into its destination. We had to transport the required container divided into two parts and completed the assembly on the place in the brewery. The installation was successful with maximum customer satisfaction, which is our greatest satisfaction. Where others turns in place, we remain and are dealing with challenges to their successful implementation.