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The highest brewery in Europe, Lavarella, Italy

28. 05. 2023

Lavarella is a mountain located in northern Italy in the province of Bolzano in the Dolomites. The top of the mountain ends at a height of 3055 m.a.s.l. and together with its neighboring mountain

The highest brewery in Europe, Lavarella, ItalyCunturines Spitze 3064 m.a.s.l. is part of the Parco Naturale Fanes-Sennes-Braies nature park. At an altitude of 2050 m.a.s.l. there is a mountain hut with the same name Lavarella, in which there is a restaurant and a microbrewery. The history of the cottage dates back to 1912, and the first beer began to be brewed in the mountains in 2019. Gradually, the equipment of the brewery was improved and replaced with new cylindrical-conical tanks, a malt conveyor, up to a new brewhouse with a volume of 450 L of exposed wort.

The complete new installation also consisted of an electric steam generator, a heat exchanger for cooling the wort and a steam exchanger for heating the water, which replaces the bulky hot water tank that cannot be placed. The complete implementation was successful to the customer's satisfaction.

We wish the Lavarella brewery from the Alpine hills good luck and a lot of beer sold.