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We produce pressure and non-pressure stainless steel tanks for the brewing, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our main production activities are the design and manufacture of technological units of the brewery. We produce stainless steel beer tanks, CIP stations, bright beer tanks, breweries and beer production technologies.

fermentation tanks, cylindrical conical tanks, breweries, KEG washing machines, bottle beer fillers, stainless steel tanks, bright beer tanks, CIP stations, stainless steel steam generators

Cylindrical conial tank for Great Britain

08. 03. 2016

In the begining of year 2016, we have successfully completed the installation of a complete fermentation technology "cellar" with refrigeration, distribution of cooling and temperature control  system.

The technology consisted of five cylindrical-conical tanks and two service / lagering tank with a volume of 40 hectoliters. Pressure vessels with working pressure up to 3.0 bar were connected to the bottling plant, which preceded the beer filtration through diatomaceous earth filter and then micro filtration. Installation in United Kingdom in town Truro took place with maximum customer satisfaction.