We produce pressure and non-pressure stainless steel tanks for the brewing, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our main production activities are the design and manufacture of technological units of the brewery. We produce stainless steel beer tanks, CIP stations, bright beer tanks, breweries and beer production technologies.

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Brewery Dive Bär, Gland Switzerland

17. 04. 2023
Another of our two vessel boilers brewhouse in the design of a kettle with an integrated whirlpool and a lauter tun, this time pleased a customer from the city of Gland in Switzerland. The installation
Brewery Dive Bär, Gland Switzerlandtook place at the beginning of 2023, and a compact device for
a clean batch of 1000 liters, with the possibility of brewing by infusion and decoction, was put into operation. The complete technology including brewhouse, steam generator, scraper, CK tanks, cooling, CIP station and KEG washer will serve in the newly opened Dive Bär brewery. All parts of the brewing block are designed to be easily accessible for service and hygiene, and serve for the most efficient operation. Heating will be provided by a duplicated jacket connected to an electric steam generator. Manual control using a technological map with buttons for controlling individual valves, pumps, mixers and heating.
We wish Dive Bär Brewery in Gland the best of luck and lots of beer sold.