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Competitions in drinking beer

16. 10. 2021

It is an old well-known truth that with increasing blood alcohol levels, especially in men, competition increases, as does the desire to "blow" the ego a bit and squirm. Related to this are a lot of curious

competitions in drinking beerperformances and records that some especially dedicated beer drinkers have achieved.

The first thing to logically be to drink beer on time, that is to say, to make a pint of beer on time. The holder of the world record, which is of course also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, is a certain American Steven Petrosino from Pennsylvania, who was finished with his pint in just 1.3 seconds and the record remains unconquered since 1977. Petrosino was probably one of the lucky ones to the so-called "no valve". Due to the fact that the classic drinking of beer on ex is no longer very tempting for the Czechs, or rather they don't see anything so world-class on it, we also compete in drinking a pint of beer on ex while standing on their heads (ie upside down). In this respect, according to the Pelhřimov agency "Dobrý den", which specializes in recording records in our country, the best fighter is David Kopecký from Prostějov, who managed to drink 0.5 liters of 10 ° beer while standing on his head for an incredible 5, 97 seconds. It is definitely not without interest that the above-mentioned David Kopecký dominates in the same discipline, also in the category "tuplák". Here, however, it must be said that his record of 13.72 seconds was achieved while drinking non-alcoholic beer, which, of course, does not diminish this heroic performance in any way.

However, drinking beer is primarily a social affair and is best done with friends. And it is precisely for team players that competition disciplines are designed based on the relay system, but also, for example, various "drinking games". Everyone certainly knows Beerpong, Macháček, Bolivia, or even the Way to and from the forest.

Beerpong has been experiencing a real boom lately. This pastime, originally from the USA, is intended for 4 players who are divided into two teams and the task of the players is to hit a ping pong ball into the opponent's cups with beer. The opponent must drink the cup. Beerpong has gradually become such a popular "beer sport" that it hosts tournaments all over the world, and even in our country there is an official Beerpong league, in which over 300 players are already interested. The biggest beerpong event in the world is the WSOBP (The World Series of Beer Pong) tournament, which has a full $ 50,000 up for grabs.

Although it is sometimes nice to indulge in similar pleasures and to really relax and get lost, of course, as with many similar things, it always applies: Everything in moderation.