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Beer in CZ - pandemic year

16. 10. 2021

The fact that the Czechs are beer lovers and place them at the forefront of its consumption not only in Europe but also around the world is an old well-known thing. The fact that a lot of good beer is 

also produced in the Czech Republic is also nothing new. But how has beer consumption and production changed in the critical year of 2020?

Probably no one is surprised by the information from the Czech Association of Breweries and Malthouses (ČSPS) that the annual consumption of beer per capita in the Czech Republic in 2020 reached 135 liters, which is at least since the 1960s. The total exhibitions (ie the total amount of beer produced) also decreased, which decreased by 1.5 million hectoliters compared to the previous year. Coronavirus restrictions and restrictions on the operation of pubs and restaurants in our country and in the countries to which domestic beer is exported are to blame.

In 2018 and 2019, the Czech brewing industry prospered very solidly, production rose comfortably and in 2019 it even reached a record amount of 21.6 million hectoliters. In 2020, however, the situation was so unfavorable that even people who have been working in the brewing industry for many years do not remember anything similar.
Much less beer was not only produced, but also sold in restaurants, pubs and bars due to strict restrictions. While in 2019 a third of the total beer consumption in the Czech Republic in restaurants and similar establishments was drunk, the following year this share fell to a quarter. Of course, not only the closure of restaurants and pubs, but also restrictions and prohibitions such as limited opening hours, a ban on alcohol consumption in public and the disruption of cultural and social sports events have a bad effect on sales and thus beer production. Approximately 500 companies had to close down in 2020.

Beer exports also suffered quite significantly. Until 2019, the increase in total domestic beer production was driven by demand from abroad, but in 2020, for the first time in 9 years, exports fell. The export of Czech beer in 2020 amounted to 5 million hectoliters of beer, which is 381 thousand hectoliters less than in 2019.

What the production and consumption of beers in the Czech Republic will look like in 2021 is still a question, however, the forecasts are not so bad. However, it will have a significant impact whether or not the government takes any more drastic steps in connection with Covid - 19 after the elections or not.

Beer consumption per capita in the Czech Republic during year 2009-2020   

beer consumption per capita in the Czech Republic during year 2009-2020

Total beer exhibitions in 2020 in thousands of hectoliters  

Total beer exhibition in the Czech Republic in 2009-2020