Vyrábíme tlakové i beztlakové nerezové nádoby. Naší hlavní výrobní činností jsou návrhy a výroba nerezových celků především do pivovarnického, ale také farmaceutického a potravinářského průmyslu.

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Artistically craft metal processing

02. 10. 2014

Our skills also include artistically craft metal processing  such as restoring old damaged objects, processing and dyeing of brass, copper and other nonferrous metals. Using metallization method we produce art objects and

interior accessories of larger dimensions and complex shapes in which is required a uniform surface such as brass or bronze. Such a non-metal product can be subsequently modified either mechanically or chemically (polishing, grinding or chemical dyeing e.g. to old cooper style). This way we can produce any uniform shapes and surfaces anywhere without having to interrupt the area with welding.

We specialize in bending of this materials, called also scratch bending (folding). It is mostly used for wall furniture, walls, etc., where is required high accuracy and the small outer radius and bends that are on today's devices impracticable.

This field also includes coloring brass, patina, brwnished steel and blackened steel. These finishes are in great popularity not only among modern architects, they also irreplaceable when renovating or replacing old historic objects.

Following pictures are implementing stainless steel paneled walls, covered heater and copper fireplace: