Vyrábíme tlakové i beztlakové nerezové nádoby. Naší hlavní výrobní činností jsou návrhy a výroba nerezových celků především do pivovarnického, ale také farmaceutického a potravinářského průmyslu.

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Filter tank for the De Poes Brewery, Belgium

04. 06. 2018

We are proud to see that our products can help maintain tradition. The De Poes Brewery in Belgium, owned by Mr. Stijn David, continues with the 100-year tradition of beer production in Tielt. The new

stainless steel lauter tank was custom-made to meet customer requirements. The new filter tank will help the brewery develop further and increase production. The mixing of malt for lautering was always manually, which was too difficult and laborious. Vessel is equipped with an agitator, an electric motor with a gearbox and a frequency converter for adjusting the required speed. We wish brewery De Poes a lot of good beer and even more customers.

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