We produce pressure and non-pressure stainless steel tanks for the brewing, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our main production activities are the design and manufacture of technological units of the brewery. We produce stainless steel beer tanks, CIP stations, bright beer tanks, breweries and beer production technologies.

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Technology for the production of kombucha

31. 07. 2020

In addition to the production of brewhouses and equipment for brewers, mixing vessels for producers of syrups and soft drinks, equipment for producers of various foods, the company INOX

technology for the production of kombuchaProcessing - Milan Svoboda also supplies technological equipment for the production of Kombucha. This beneficial drink originally from Asia, produced by fermenting a mixture of yeast mass, has exceptional properties and is becoming more and more popular.

For existing and beginning manufacturers, we can provide stainless steel fermentation vessels, pressure tanks equipped with a carbonization candle, flow-through carbonization, filtration, pasteurization, complete cooling systems, pumps, bottle or can fillers, and many other necessary equipment. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable technology, vessels size or equipment performance.

We can always adapt to the customer's dimensions of tanks so that they fit into his space, to adapt the required equipment to his needs after agreement, as our main focus is the custom production of beverage technologies.