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Homemade fruit syrups

11. 09. 2020

Many of us have known honest homemade syrups since our grandmothers. Of course, it is possible to get many different types of fruit syrups in several price categories in the sales network, however, the proportion of

homemade fruit syrupsfruit component in purchased syrups is usually very small, not to mention added flavors, preservatives and colorants, without which homemade syrup simply does. In short, domestic is domestic and, in addition to domestic use, it is becoming more and more popular in cafes and restaurants.

If you want to feel that making after active homemade syrup can be time and money consuming, you can use real and a little patience and the right ingredients and you can make homemade syrup in others. You can use a really wide variety of ingredients, whether it is any fruit, some vegetables, herbs or flowers, whether bought or grown in your own garden. Contrary to the generally entrenched idea of syrup, it is not only used for drinking, ie for the production of homemade lemonades (after dilution with water), but it is also possible to successfully taste yoghurts, ice cream, ice cream sundaes and other desserts or make tea.

For the production of homemade syrup, we basically need fruit, sugar and water, and possibly also citric acid as a natural preservative, in order for the syrup to last longer. Boil the cleaned and pitted fruit in water until it is completely soft and disintegrating, then gently strain the liquid and add sugar, the more sugar, the thicker the syrup will be. Finally, you can mix in a reasonable amount of citric acid, and still hot bottled in bottles or jars.

There is also a variant without cooking, where we infuse the fruit in water for only a few days. During the "cold" process, we are sure that all beneficial substances will be preserved, but at the same time the shelf life of the syrup, which needs to be stored in the refrigerator and needs to be consumed as soon as possible, decreases rapidly.